All payments must be made in US Dollars.
Payment is accepted via Certified Check, Postal Money Order, Business and Personal Check, or Credit Cards with a 3.4% Fee added.
NO Credit Card Checks- my Bank will no longer accept them.
Payment should be received in 7 days.
Business and Personal Checks will delay shipment up to 10 days to allow the check to clear. Business and Personal Checks from people I know will NOT delay shipment.
I also accept PayPal on all ebay auctions.

LayAway is available on all items on my For Sale list. It is also available on my GunBroker auctions, but not my ebay auctions unless arranged in advance.
On GunBroker, simply bid normally and inform me you would like the LayAway plan AFTER the auction-
NO prior arrangement is necessary.
STRICT Terms apply- Read this ENTIRE section!
My normal LayAway is:
1/3 down due in 7 days from the closing date of the auction or upon Sale agreement.
1/3 in 30 days from auction closing date or date of Sale Agreement.
Final 1/3 in 60 days from auction closing date or date of Sale Agreemant.
>>>PLEASE NOTE: I do NOT charge interest on LayAways. However, due to many LayAways stretching out for months beyond the dates agreed upon, I must, regretably, add a 5% PER MONTH late charge to any LayAway payment postmarked more than 7 days after the due date.
If you RENEGE on the deal, I will refund your money, LESS 15% of the TOTAL sale price.
If you RENEGE on a LayAway from an online auction, I will refund your money, LESS 15% of the TOTAL sale price + shipping to cover auction fees and commissions, relisting, and the time value of money! If you can’t “Do The Deal”, please don’t place the bid.

It is far simpler for us both to use a Flat Rate shipping on Handguns, which is normally $30 to $40 to an FFL.
Handguns having a large Presentation Case and the original shipping carton which must be protectively wrapped and packed in a still larger box MAY cost $40 to $50 to ship.
Guns having a very high value may have increased shipping charges due to higher insurance costs.
I try to keep shipping costs reasonable and competitive.
Sometimes I can mail a small, boxed gun to an FFL for only $20.
I am always happy to COMBINE shipping on multiple purchases to save you money.
All guns without a box are shipped in a padded zipper case or hard case. Presentation Case guns are NOT packed IN the Presentation Case.
I Pack very well and ship promptly.
I have never had a gun, box, or case damaged in shipment.
I usually ship the day after payment clears.

I ship to all 50 states as long as the item is legal in that state in exactly the configuration in which I am offering it for sale.
I will NOT alter a firearm to circumvent any state's restrictions or bans.
Don't Ask.

I do not ship firearms outside of the United States. I will deliver your purchase to an FFL licensed to export located in the United States.

I realize I am selling you something you have never seen. I always offer the normal 3-Day non-firng, non-disassembly inspection. If you decide not to accept the purchase, return it for a refund less shipping charges. If I have misrepresented the item, I will eat the shipping BOTH ways!
The short version is:
Satisfaction GUARANTEED.

I handle MANY consignments each year, ranging from a piece or two to a complete collection. 
I settle with you twice per month as items are received and accepted by buyers.
ALL consignments are handled with the utmost discretion. I do not disclose information about consignors unless the consignor agrees to it and/or desires it.
Please call or email to discuss what you have.  

Your Privacy:
I do not disclose or share any information about buyers, sellers, or consignors with any person, business, or other entity beyond what is required to legally complete the transaction.